Medicine is one of the most demanding and taxing lines of study. If you have the drive and motivation for it, as well as the talent to back you up, however, you’ll find yourself getting there with some amount of ease.

This is arguably the most important part of your application. Personal statements are statements of purpose that act as another distinguishing factor between applicants.

There are many factors that need to go into using those 5 valuable choices of university that UCAS offers you. Remember that you do have the option of applying to lesser than 5 colleges.

UCAS (University and College application service) is a centralized service that allows students to apply to universities in the United Kingdom. So if you want to obtain an undergraduate degree in the UK, you will have to apply through the UCAS online service called ‘Apply’.

There are the more ambitious among you, for whom four years dedicated to a single degree, doesn't feel sufficient at all. There may be those among you whose interest isn't restricted to a particular field – you are torn between choosing one over the other.

Hello students of 11th and 12th grade! If you've started thinking about college majors and what kind of schools and programs you’d like to apply to, a great thing to do is begin looking for internships.