Hello parents of future university students!

We’ve been working on some pointers to help you through all the inevitable confusion of picking continents, countries, universities and majors to apply to. Keep coming back here for more information from time to time – you’ll find more helpful stuff. But here are a few essays to help get you kick started:

We would like parents and students to note that we do not provide professional help to students for their college applications. In the interest of the success of our students we have shared information that we hope shall be useful.

We want our students to be better prepared for the college application process so that all their hard work with us comes to fruition. Should a student require systematic professional help directly from the experts, our sister concern, USOL, will be glad to step in!

Note for Parents, Students, Counsellors: The information above was to the best of our knowledge at the time that this article was published. With every application cycle, or sometimes even during it, Colleges and Universities may change dates, policies, available majors and other relevant information. These updates will be reflected on the College and University websites themselves.

Please refer to the official college websites in addition to reading these articles. These articles are written only to provide general guidelines to students, not as a substitute for individual college websites.