There are many factors that need to go into using those 5 valuable choices of university that UCAS offers you. Remember that you do have the option of applying to lesser than 5 colleges.

As a starting point, you can go through the rankings of universities by faculties to gain an idea of where you could apply to. Top UK University League Tables and Rankings 2015 is a good place to start.

However be reminded that rankings aren’t the only factor that should go into making a university choice because rankings are often determined by factors that might not be as important to you. Think about the other things that are important to you. Do you want to go to a college which has a sprawling campus near the countryside or would you rather picture yourself in the heart of a bustling city campus? Are you built to cope with freezing temperatures or would you rather settle for milder weather?

Furthermore, you should always apply to at least one ‘safe’ choice i.e. a university that you are absolutely sure of making it to. This way, you won’t find yourself without a university if you don’t do as well as you had expected to. Remember, minimizing risk is as important as dreaming big. So ensure that your choices are always a mix of ‘safe’ universities and ‘dream’ universities.

Note for Parents, Students, Counsellors: The information above was to the best of our knowledge at the time that this article was published. With every application cycle, or sometimes even during it, Colleges and Universities may change dates, policies, available majors and other relevant information. These updates will be reflected on the College and University websites themselves.

Please refer to the official college websites in addition to reading these articles. These articles are written only to provide general guidelines to students, not as a substitute for individual college websites.