This is arguably the most important part of your application. Personal statements are statements of purpose that act as another distinguishing factor between applicants.  Keep in mind that your 4000 character personal statement is common to all universities and courses that you will be applying to in the UK. So be careful to not mention any specific colleges or courses. If the courses you are applying to concern similar subjects, then drafting a personal statement is relatively easier. However, if your courses concern diametrically opposite subjects, try finding a common  theme or skill to write about that is important in both courses. Since you (hopefully) have so much to say and only 4000 characters to say it in, brevity is key. Your personal statement should typically elaborate upon your interest in the courses that you are applying for and the skills that make you suitable for those courses. The rest is up to you- let your imagination flow. For more information on writing personal statements, you can visit the link below.


Note for Parents, Students, Counsellors: The information above was to the best of our knowledge at the time that this article was published. With every application cycle, or sometimes even during it, Colleges and Universities may change dates, policies, available majors and other relevant information. These updates will be reflected on the College and University websites themselves.

Please refer to the official college websites in addition to reading these articles. These articles are written only to provide general guidelines to students, not as a substitute for individual college websites.