The summer breaks are a great time to catch up on academic work and even move ahead of school. We also understand that you may be travelling for a week or so over the summer, or may wish to take a week off to simply relax. But there’s tons of other stuff you could invest some time in, and we want to help.

If you’ve just completed the 10th Grade and are moving to the 11th Grade,
here’s something for you to read.

If you’ve just completed the 11th Grader, and are moving to the 12th Grade,
you should probably take a moment to read this

So here’s a bunch of FAQs about our summer classes, should you be interested and wanting to know more.

1) Do you have a structured summer program?

As a student we understand that the summer vacation is an ideal time to relax and unwind briefly, before taking on the bulk of the year’s academic work. You may need to travel for a week in the middle of the summer, or spend a week playing video games, reading and watching cinema. But you should not slack off for the entire break. There is very much that you should learn and complete in order to be better prepared for the new grade!

With both of those factors in mind we have designed our classes to be entirely flexible. You may choose your own dates, the numbers of hours and how many days you want to spread those hours over. You can choose to come in at any time during the Centre’s operating hours, and one of our 95 full time staff members will make himself/herself available to you. You can decide the number of days, which day you choose to come, what time you would like to come, and we will work out the rest. You only have to let us know thirty minutes in advance! If you text us when you leave home, by the time that you get here, we will have a teacher arranged and waiting for you.


2) What subjects do you teach over the summer?

We teach Math and Science for the younger students, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, ICT and Math for the older ones. You name the topic, the subject, the day and the time, and we are at your avail. We will show you how to pick up tricks that you ordinarily would not get as much time to work on. We will work on your structured essay-type questions in Economics, on your open-ended questions in Science, even on your Olympiad questions! Intensive coverage of the IB material is provided to the student. We also have a dedicated program for preparation for the SATs. Pretty much anything you need to learn, we are here to teach – the day and the time is for you to choose.


3) Are there a minimum number of hours for which a student must be enrolled?

No, students will determine the number of hours themselves! Let us know at the time of enrolment, so that we can create a customized program just for you.


4) Is there a specific time for summer classes?

No, again, there is not. You can come in whenever you choose, during the Center’s operating hours as listed below:

Days Operational Hours
Monday – Thursday 10:30am – 7:30pm
Friday Closed
Saturday-Sunday 9:30am – 6:30pm
Lunch Time 1:30pm – 2:30pm

5) I am an overseas student. I have heard of Math Visions repute and want to enroll in a Summer program. How may I choose to?

Smart choice! We provide classes for intensive target-based learning for students seeking help with their IB curriculum, SATs and other competitive examinations, Math Olympiads and a host of other curriculums. How do you enrol? Same as everyone else! Text us your Name, grade, and Board of Examinations and the subjects you’d like to study on: +65 84442320

We will get back to you at the soonest.

If you need further assistance, you can call our International Student helpdesk for help with accommodation and other travel-related arrangements at: +65 84445736.


6) Do you recommend studying over the summer?

Yes, yes, many times yes. When you are caught in the middle of a school year with academia, social service, sport, and your host of other ECAs to juggle, you would be better equipped to handle the pressure if you had done some studying over the summer.

Over our years of ample experience we have seen first hand that students who cover a bulk of their coursework before the intense school year strikes, have far more time for multiple revisions. This inevitably results in better grades at school too.

Do not worry about forgetting material you learnt over the summer by the time the exams arrive. The purpose is to make learning breezy the next time you encounter something you already studied, even if it was months ago.

Particularly for 11th and 12th graders – the summers are crucial to the two-year long college application process, and one cannot allow himself/herself to fall back on work that needs to be done.


7) If, for example, a middle school (Grade 5-8) student seeks help in consolidating on a subject in which he/she is weak, are the summer classes a good solution?

They are a GREAT solution. If a student has performed poorly in a particular subject, it is extremely important to consolidate on the previous years syllabus before moving on to the next one. The summer is a great opportunity to play catch-up on learning, even move ahead of school in advance, so that you can start the new academic year afresh and well-prepared as ever.