Here are the testimonials of some of our students. Should you be considering being a part of our center, here are the words of some students and parents that may help:

Math Vision was a great experience for me and I am very glad that I came to this program. The challenges were fun and as a result of the challenged I learned a lot of new concepts. My math instructor was extremely helpful and he could help me solve anything I struggled with. I am looking forward to visiting Singapore next year and returning to Math Vision.  

– Sahil Tekchandani, Boston, MA, 8th Grade.

It has been a great experience coming to Math Vision. I have received absolutely focused help in whatever subject I pursued. During the exam season, the subject-specific, exam-oriented and individualized attention was invaluable. It has given me the necessary confidence in my academic to secure offers to study Computer Science at both Cambride and Carnegie Mellon University.  

– Nupur Chatterji

Thanks so much for making my clarity for algebra much better and easier to comprehend questions. I enjoyed spending this time with you guys. I think I have demonstrated a little improvement on some specific topics that I didn’t feel that sure of before. Hopefully this will lead me to do better in the future for pre-calculus and statistics. I enjoyed the way the explanations were taught; you guys were very interesting and fun. Looking forward to seeing you guys again when I come back to Singapore. Thanks.

– Pooja Tekchandani, Andover, MA, Grade 11.

Math Vision has helped me immensely. The teachers are not only extremely knowledgeable but also extremely supportive and caring. They would always go the extra mile and make sure I thoroughly understood the concepts of every topic. They would motivate e whenever I needed the extra push. Adter coming to Math Vision, I became a more disciplined and confident student. I can’t thank the teachers here enough. 

– Nidhi Shilotri.

Math Vision really helped my son get back on track and go into his exams with confidence. They were always academically rigorous, accommodating and motivating. Our experience was an excellent one.

– Ben, A Level, Tanglin School. 

MathVision and their team of teachers are truly exceptional – their feedback on the child has always been genuine, incisive and encouraging. They are skilled at motivating children and at diagnosing and filling in the gaps of their education with persistence. Their knowledge of the IGCSE and the IB curriculums, complemented with their teaching methods have given immense confidence to my children.

Math Vision has grown from strength to strength over the years, not only because of the experience and knowledge the teachers have gained, but also because of their genuine passion to help students achieve their full potential. This dedication on the part of the teachers will stand every student in good stead throughout their lives.

I highly recommend Math Vision to all students and fellow parents. 

– Nita Jhaveri (parent of Lara and Jan)

I’ve seen a huge improvement in my son’s confidence in maths and his all-round knowledge of maths concepts etc. We are so very happy we were finally put on to MathVision. My son is always happy to come and now always does his homework happily and by himself. 

– Mother of Ricky, Grade 4. 

I think Math Vision is a very nice place. Everyone here is really friendly and really helpful. Every time I leave I feel like I have learnt a lot. The booklets that I get are extremely helpful and it gives me the practice I need. I would definitely recommend Math Vision to my peers. =)

– Maha, Grade 10, SJI.

My time at MathVision was a very fruitful experience. After coming in as a very average student in math, I really do believe that the center, with their knowledgeable staff and superb infrastructure really assisted in molding me into a more confident student at my time of examination. I would like to thank all the members of the math faculty for their evergreen support in ensuring that I lived up to my true potential.

– Tejas Godha, Grade 12, GIIS.