Hello everyone! We understand that you may have concerns about your little ones and budding adolescents too. This is a difficult period of growth for all of them, and their little troubles come in all kinds of packages, academic or otherwise.

We want to assure you that with any problems regarding schoolwork, and even outside it, we are right here at your avail.

There are a few typical problems of primary and middle-schoolers. To help you cope with them, we’ve listed out a few scenarios that you can glance at read our recommended course of action. We hope it helps!

My child is struggling with Math in school. In spite of having the best teachers he is not quite able to cope with the pace of the class. What do you recommend that I do?


At the very outset, it is far too early to gauge your child’s abilities. Often times we see students struggling in the early years, but blossoming into scholars later. It is possible that your child is unable to cope with the pace of the class because in a classroom setting, he/she is unable to attract the attention of the teacher when he/she is need of help. Often children are too shy or embarrassed to ask for assistance in the company of others. Due to the large number of students, the teacher may have trouble keeping track of an individual students’ understanding of topics, particularly is the student is unable to express his problems.

Additionally it is possible that your child has minor haps in learning. However, because all learning is built on previous learning, even a minor gap in his concepts will be magnified in his understanding of subsequent topics. It is important to iron out all creases, to test understanding and remedy all lacunae in the child’s understanding of the subject.

If your child has changed schools, the likelihood of such a gap in learning is significantly higher. As there is very little scope for exact continuum between schools, it is entirely possible that your child has skipped out on a few essential lessons and this is heavily impacting his/her results.

The remedies to all of the above are provided to you in the form of our personalized one-on-one teaching model. Quizzing the student and astutely discerning exactly where the problems lie, best positions us to diagnose and remedy the problem. There is no reason to lost heart or make assumptions about your child’s ability just yet. Perhaps all he/she really needs is patient and personal guidance.

My child is able to grasp material but is unable to translate it into good results during examinations. Is there any recommended course of action for him?


Perhaps your child is struggling with application of understood theory. Alternatively, perhaps your child needs improvement in his test taking skills.
Test-taking is a skill on it’s own merit. Often children find the exam environment very intimidating. They are unable to manage the time constraints. Alternatively, since many examinations test more than one topic or chapter, maybe your child has trouble retaining more than little information at a time.

For him/her, there is an obvious remedy. The ARC. We will help the child practice taking tests in an examination environment and test the child on material covering examination syllabus. The focus will be on learning how to manage time, learning how to prepare for a large syllabus, and coping with an intimidating or frightening environment.

We have tests designed to address these exact issues and make a confident and nuanced test taker out of your child.

My child has not developed a liking for math. He finds the subject dull and only performs his work grudgingly. What do you recommend for our child?


What your child probably needs is for someone to make him/her begin to love math, by investing deliberate effort to that cause alone. That’s also where we come in. In our personalized one-on-one tutoring, we ensure that the child enjoys what he/she learns. All the learning is interactive and involves active participation of the child. The teachers are also trained to create a sense of fun and adventure as they teach.

A patient teacher who is willing to go the extra mile in order to make the lesson fun for your child, that is what will make all the difference!

My child is performing exceedingly well in school and has great ambitions for the future. Is there anything we need to be doing?


We are very happy that your child is excelling. But there is little need to be complacent just yet! Your child still has a very long way ahead of him/her to establish a career and it is important that he/she never lets his/her standards drop.

To this end, your child must work even harder to learn and master material ahead of his/her years. She/he can embark on an accelerated program of study – consolidate studying material for the current year and move on to the curriculums of the subsequent years. Come high school, such an advanced and accelerated program of study is bound to hold your child in very good stead in the face of competition.

The objective should always be to establish targets, and when one is achieved to redefine one’s limits and move on towards the next one. No learning is too much learning and no learning is ever wasted.